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More Postcard fun

postcard.fm pic

i found this really nice site/service called postcard.fm.

Postcard.fm lets you create an audio postcards for free. You upload a picture then pick an audio file. You can upload your own or just use the search. i searched for "More than This" and it found it, just clicked the plus button and it was added, i don't know where they stream it from but it's cool, it worked fine. You then put in the address you want to send it to, click Preview, put in your e-mail address and click send. They don't get an e-mail with the pic and audio file attached, they get a very simpler text e-mail saying:

Hey! *your e-mail* has sent you an audio postcard. You can get it here: http://postcard.fm/77f0f2ap

You can see from the pic what the page looks like, it's a nice clean layout, i think it's a lovely service. i suppose this is my postcard to you (:

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