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Homes for all

My mate Andy told me years ago of “ty un nos” or “house in a night”. A lovely old Welsh custom that if ye can build a house in one night with a fire burning in the hearth by sunrise the land was yours, freehold. Then you could extend the land around by the amount you could throw your axe from the four corners of ya new house. Lovely old Welsh.

More relevant today, I heard last night from someone in the pub that is illegal in Amsterdam for a building to be empty for more than 12 months. If you see an empty building you can break in, fone the police and tell um you squatting it, all legal like, seems like a simple solution to elevate homelessness.

*edit* when i did this post i found there was no entry in Wikipedia for "Ty un nos". So i made one, gotta love the Wiki *edit* (: