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beautiful worlds

I’m on deviantART (an online ART community) and although the name deviantART may sound strange, don’t let it put you off, there are some Very, Very Beautiful artworks on there.

One of the nicest galleries i found on dA is by the artist frecklefaced29 (May Ann Licudine). A treasure among all the others, her work seems to lift ya spirit, sometimes funny, always beautiful, never offensive. Every picture seems to tell a hundred stories
Wickermoss-Back Tray
Wickermoss-Back Tray Originally by frecklefaced29.
If you’re ever feeling down or low just fly over to frecklefaced29 ‘s gallery. I guarantee the art you find within, will bring a smile to your face (:

*UPDATE* new site:
(is her first web-site and it only took her 4 months, very talented)